Infrastructure Software and Tools for the Development and Testing of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) as well as Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions.

Modern cyber-physical systems and cutting-edge IoT devices show a complex and multifaceted set of requirements. During system design and development, specific “functional” demands, also “non-functional” properties (like energy efficiency, timeliness, maintainability, fault-tolerance, and connectivity) must be taken into account. These non-functional properties vary strongly, depending on the envisioned application. This is why our solution to embedded platform virtualization and embedded operating systems is highly configurable: At EMVICORE, we meet your needs, because your application constraints “tailor” the concrete software implementation of the EMVICORE software stack. By that, our system software scales from ultra-compact solutions for deeply embedded, ressource constrained applications to virtual execution environements for complex CPS, like automotive systems or Smart Grids. We achieve this by utilizing our system software product line that is based upon our scientific expertise in methods for system design and long-term experience in software development.

Our Products

IoT and Embedded Systems

We offer an easy to use software suite for the construction of resource constrained system software. The suite comprises tools for the modelling of the requirements as well as for the tailoring and adaption of the system to the available resources.

Cyber-Physical Systems

We offer a software suite for the construction and intergration of CPS by means of virtualization technology. The suite comprises an adaptive execution platform for CPS applications that is based upon a microkernel hypervisor, a real-time scheduler suite, a high availability solution as well as tools for planing, developing and debugging of CPS applications on this platform. Some of the platform features include:

  • safe and secure isolation of workloads,
  • live migration of workloads,
  • high avaiability for surviving hardware failures,
  • real-time capable,
  • rich ecosystem for deyploment and encapsulation of applications, including bare-metal, general purpose OS’s like Linux, minimalistic Unikernels as well as container solutions,
  • both for x86 and ARM architectures.